When Should You Consider IV Therapy?

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At Dr. Renée Moran Medical Aesthetics in Newton Centre, MA, people often come to us as a last resort. They have tried everything to feel better but nothing has worked effectively without side effects. IV therapy can help with a number of problems without side effects. Keep reading to learn when you should consider this life-changing treatment.

When Should I Consider IV Therapy?

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of IV therapy is its customizability. Whether you’re dehydrated from rowing 42,196 meters or you’re hungover from a long day of alcohol consumption, IV infusions have something to offer you. Now is the right time to consider this life-changing treatment. Here are just a few signs you could benefit from a therapy session today:

You’ve Undergone a Weight Loss Procedure

After a bariatric procedure, your body can’t absorb nutrients through food, drinks, and dietary supplements as efficiently as it could pre-op. Thus, depending on the technique used to perform your procedure, you may need to take up to five dozen supplements. This gets prohibitively expensive and cumbersome very quickly.

Part of the reason so much supplementation is required is even someone who hasn’t received a bariatric procedure can’t absorb nutrients through oral dietary supplements very effectively. With IV infusions, you may find, even after a bariatric procedure, you only need to take a couple of oral dietary supplements. It is impossible to imagine how much your quality of life will improve if you don’t have to take dozens of pills daily to remain healthy.

You have Been Diagnosed with Depression

Another sign an IV drip could benefit you is you are depressed. Depression is one of the most common signs of vitamin B-complex deficiency. You don’t need to pay a psychiatrist $120 an hour for a prescription you can’t afford to fill to try and improve your quality of life.

You don’t have to fight against the side effects of antidepressants, like unintended weight gain. You don’t have to force yourself out of bed every morning to exercise with the hope of getting a runner’s high. A dose of bioavailable B vitamin-complex can change your life for the better.

You have Been Diagnosed with Anxiety

Approximately one-fifth of Americans suffer from at least one type of anxiety according to research published by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. In other words, an astonishing 40 million Americans have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or a form of post-traumatic stress disorder, such as PTSD-C. Have you been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, or believe you suffer from an anxiety disorder?

There is a good chance you are deficient in B-complex vitamins. A stronger case can be made for vitamin B-complex deficiency if you also have symptoms of depression or you have been diagnosed with a form of depression, such as major depressive disorder. Try IV infusions today to restore the levels of B-complex vitamins in your blood and take a long moment to reflect on how much clearer your mind feels.

You Get the Flu Annually

A sign you may be immunocompromised and could benefit greatly from regular IV drips is getting the flu annually. An even stronger case can be made that you are immunocompromised if you get your flu vaccine annually. Even if you’re not immunocompromised, your immune system can be boosted significantly with IV infusions designed to support an effective immune system.

Unfortunately, you are extremely susceptible to new illnesses when you are sick. Whenever your immune system detects a foreign invader, it works overtime to produce the right defenders. This results in an overtaxed immune system that is sluggish to recognize another foreign invader and mount a completely different defense that will handle the problem efficiently. We offer immune system infusions with vitamin C and other essential micronutrients.

You’re Sick

Now may be the appropriate time for an IV infusion if you are currently sick. If you can spread your illness to others, make an effort to not leave the house until you are out of the infectious phase of the illness. Have your groceries delivered, work remotely or take time off from work and wear a mask if you must leave the house to go to a doctor’s appointment.

That being said, IV infusions are great for people who can no longer spread a virus or other illness to others but still feel ill because the immune system is still working overtime. Chronic dehydration affects an astonishing percentage of Americans, and hydrating fluid requirements are much higher when you’re sick. Among the micronutrients we can include in your hydrating IV are zinc to help you recover significantly faster and vitamin D.

Your Muscles Spasm Uncontrollably

Uncontrollable muscle spasms are unfortunately common. Some people can’t operate a motor vehicle safely because their upper eyelids spasm uncontrollably and they can’t be sure they will be able to see effectively until they get to their destination.

Other people can’t sleep soundly throughout the night due to random back spasms. Still others fall when walking sometimes due to uncontrollable calf spasms. Muscle spasms often point to a nutritional deficiency. Nearly every case of muscle spasms is the result of low magnesium.

A Word on Magnesium

Even if your muscle spasms aren’t serious enough to affect your daily life significantly, you should take their occurrences seriously. If you are deficient in magnesium, you are probably living with other side effects that have become assimilated into your daily life. Magnesium regulates over 100 bodily functions, including your mood. An IV drip with this micronutrient will change your life for the better in ways you may not think possible.

For example, you may think you sleep fine and feeling tired after a night of rest is normal. After supplementing magnesium through an IV drip, you may fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed. This can snowball into other positive changes, such as exercising more, eating healthier or feeling better mentally. Additionally, cognitive function and memory can improve once chronic sleep deprivation is treated.

You’re Hungover

You know you shouldn’t reach for a Bloody Mary when you wake up and feel hungover, but what else can you do? You feel miserable and a little liquor will help you come to terms with feeling miserable for a while. Instead of reaching for a small portion of alcohol to mask the symptoms of your hangover, consider an IV drip.

IV infusions are better for the treatment of hangovers than water. All of the symptoms of your hangover, from the sensitivity to light and splitting headache to irritability result from both dehydration and micronutrient deficiency. Alcohol is a toxin and your body responds to that toxin by flushing it out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, as this occurs, the essential micronutrients being transported to various locations through your bloodstream is also flushed out.

A Note on IV Drips for Hangovers

You will start to feel the benefits of an IV drip for your hangover as soon as the infusion begins. As your body continues hydrating over the course of 45 minutes, you will feel continuously better.

Within 1.5 hours of your therapy session beginning, you will feel like a completely different person. Magnesium will relax aching muscles. B vitamins will give you energy and help you focus. You’ll feel so good you’ll want to continue making choices that are good for your body and mind.

You Anticipate Drinking Heavily Tonight

Your doctor has probably informed you of the recommended alcohol consumption limits provided by the CDC and AHA. Men should limit their daily alcohol consumption to two units. Women should limit their daily alcohol consumption to one unit. Daily alcohol consumption guidelines are much more useful than weekly alcohol consumption guidelines because it is clear that alcohol units can’t be “banked.”

In other words, the daily alcohol consumption limits make it clear that you shouldn’t drink your weekly units of alcohol in a night or two. However, we understand people sometimes plan to drink more than they should in a day. Although we do not condone binge drinking, we would prefer you to mitigate the risk of a hangover than suffer through muscle aches, dehydration, and irritability.

You Want to Burn Fat

B-complex vitamins, just like magnesium, are responsible for over 100 bodily functions. Among the physical and psychological mechanisms affected by B vitamin levels are your hunger and satiety hormones, the energy to exercise, and the mental fortitude to make good decisions. If you are deficient in at least one of the critical B vitamins, you may struggle to maintain your weight or melt away stubborn fat despite how much you want to lose or maintain body fat levels.

Now is the time to get an IV infusion if you have been successful on your weight loss journey in the past but have hit a plateau. B-complex vitamins will help you feel full, focused, and filled to the brim with the motivation you need to resume your successful weight loss journey. Additionally, you can benefit from IV nutritional therapy if you are beginning your weight loss journey and want a strong push in the right direction.

You Suffer from a Particular Malady

Some illnesses can be managed with drugs that can be taken orally or administered intramuscularly. Nevertheless, there are certain medical conditions that can only be treated by the intravenous injection of pharmaceuticals. If your primary care physician has asked you to take medication that doesn’t provide the intended benefits when taken in pill, tablet, or capsule form, ask if the intravenous administration of your medication could benefit you.

You Suffer from Chronic Migraines

Chronic migraines are another sign now is the ideal time to consider IV nutritional therapy. They help restore the ideal functionality of your brain by providing essential hydration, vitamins, and electrolytes. When a migraine strikes, mere rehydration isn’t remotely adequate to provide you with relief.

It is common to feel hopeless, believing they have no power to stop them in their tracks. With a migraine relief IV infusion, you can experience relief from your nausea and inflammation-triggered pain. You will once more be able to draw up your blinds, get back to work and cook dinner for your family.

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Are your muscles sore? Do you wake up tired after sleeping for nine hours? Do you feel dehydrated, depressed, or anxious? If so, hold onto hope. We can help you identify the appropriate micronutrients to include in your IV drip to provide you with optimal relief. Contact us now at Dr. Renée Moran Medical Aesthetics in Newton Centre, MA to book your first appointment and improve your quality of life.

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